Monday, April 12, 2010

How to delete Google and Yahoo Account???

Google has given us so many good webservices which include Gmail a web mail, Orkut a social networking, Web Search history, Book Search, Adsense, Checkout and many more. I suppose their will hardly any user who will not be happy with any of this web service.

The Number of such users will be very very less and their will be some one at other end of this world willing to get rid of his google account or want to close or remove his Gmail or Orkut account. I have seen many users asking how to delete/close or remove Google Accounts, Gmail Account, Orkut account or all the Google Web services. Well most of the users are unaware that they can remove or delete any or all the google account and its webservices such as Gmail, Orkut etc as the link to remove and delete google account is not easily accessible. Today we are going to show you how you can delete/ remove or close Google Accounts

How to Delete/Remove/Close Google Account and its Web services like Gmail, Orkut

1. Login/Sign in to your Google Account using

2. Click on Edit link beside My products heading.

Delete/Close Account of any Google Webservice

i. If you want to just delete or close account of any Google Webservice then follow the respective Remove account link under “Delete a Product” section

ii. Once you click on link to “Remove … Account Permanently” A confirmation page will appear with title “Please Read Carefully”

iii. Click “Yes” to confirm and Delete Your Google Web Service Account.

Once you click yes the respective Google Web service will get deleted permanently
Delete/Close Google Account

i. If you want to Delete your Google Account then follow the link Close account and delete all services and info associated with it from Delete Account Section

ii. A page with title “Please Read Carefully” listing Google Services will appear.

iii You need to confirm and acknowledge this action and once you click Delete Google Account your Google Account will get Terminated permanently.

How do I close Yahoo! account?

If you want to close your Yahoo! account, you can follow the steps on the Account Termination page.

You will be asked to sign in or to verify the password for the account you want to delete.

Note: Before deleting your account, please read the instructions on the Account Termination page carefully, as important information about your account is included. You can then confirm the deletion of your account.


* Please complete the deletion process only if you are certain you want to remove your entire Yahoo! account and any features you have personalized within the account. After you delete your Yahoo! account, you can’t reactivate it, although you can always sign up for a new account.
* When you close your account, you lose access to your Yahoo! ID, Yahoo! Mail, and profile names. We will delete your account data and settings across the Yahoo! network. This means you will lose all of your content in:

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Address Book

Yahoo! HotJobs

My Yahoo!

Yahoo! Groups

Finance Portfolio

Any other area of Yahoo! that can only be accessed with your Yahoo! ID and password
* Deleting your Yahoo! account does not alter or delete your Yahoo! People Search listing. You must edit or delete this separately.
* If you are subscribed to any premium services, we recommend that you cancel them before you delete your account. There is no guarantee that deleting your Yahoo! account will immediately cancel the billing for any premium services you are subscribed to. To cancel your current subscriptions, visit Yahoo! Billing Information for your account, click My Services, and then click the Cancel link for each subscription.


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