Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Copy/Save/Download snap from ORKUT ALBUM

Now a days Right Click Not Working In Orkut Friend Album Photos Dont worry Orkut have introduced its privacy Feature by disabling right click inside yours friend album ,This feature is introduced for orkut users to protect them from any illegal activites

Enable Right click in orkut

These feature is introduced only in single photo view in which you can view only the photo but not able to save it into yours system , but there are many other ways by which you can save all such pictures into yours computer .

To Re-Enable Click on yrs Friend AlbumPhotos Go to Tools > Page Info > Media and Scroll up or down to get the protected photo image Url ,Or Click Save as Directly from there to save that picture from orkut album.

This Trick will help you Getting URL of that Picture , Then simply paste that url in Address Bar and Hit Enter from there you can save yours Friends Image In Yours System

Method 2(Easiest one)

# Drag and Drop To Save Photos - Another cool and easiest ways to save orkut album images using firefox browser,Internet Explorer, google chrome just by dragging and dropping album picture in address bar.

Method 3
# Download orkut album Page – If above two trick fails to work then you can follow third trick that is via save whole album page by right click outside the images on album page this will save folder along with the page and you can easyly retrive images from that folder.

Method 4

Save Photos using Keyboard – Another way to save orkut picture from orkut is Keyboard ,This trick is generally used when all above trick fails to work as this trick will take some of yours time .You can press print screen button from orkut album page and paste this copied screen in paint ,and saving this picture from paint

If you have some more hack to save picture photos and images from orkut album then you can share with us using comment section.