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Send Free SMS & Complete Back up(SMS,MMS,Pictures) your Mobile using

What is Mjooz?
It is a web portal with a host of applications for the mobile phone which envisions the convergence of the web and the mobile interface to offer the end user an easy and secure way of wireless backup for their phone's contacts, calendar entries on the Internet. Mjooz further enables its users to build social and professional networks leveraging convergence of Voice and Data.

Feature in nutshell

1)Mjooz, Sync Server supports synchronization of Calendar events, Contacts, SMS / MMS etc.

2)Server Sync is to Connect to the Website through GPRS where as PC sync is to Connect to the PC through data cable/Bluetooth.

3)Rs 100 for one time registration and then Rs. 17/- per month.

4)No, there are no Charges for Registering Mobile.

5)Mjooz does not support CDMA phones.CDMA mobile phone users can sign up and use all the facilities except synchronization of mobile phone.

6)You can upload your contacts by synchronizing or by adding contacts on Mjooz website.
7)We can import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc contacts.

8)Exporting the Contacts in Outlook compatible format.

9)Now you can schedule your SMS for future date and time which means you can wish all your friends a Happy New Year or Diwali today itself. You can even trigger meeting alerts to your colleagues and to yourself in a go.

10)You can earn as much as you want depending on the number of points you earn by syncing your phone, profile updating, referrals sent etc. You can even send free SMS on STD numbers.

Services offered

1.Contacts are forever

Contacts Backup : - Totally secure and easy method of over-the-air Transfer and Backup of complete mobile phone contacts. Whether you lose your phone or you switch service provider or you switch device you are always supported.

2. Save your SMS/MMS

SMS Backup : - For most of us almost 20% of SMS received/sent need to be retained for future references, record or forwarding. Backup of your SMS is now possible with Mjooz.

MMS Backup :- Save all your Pictures, Videos, Audios on Mjooz.

3. Power your network

Mobile Socializing :-One of the most powerful networking tools developed this feature would enable you to build social & professional networks both on the web and the mobile interface real time through Mobile Phone Number. It allows import and export of contacts from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. You can build your Friends – of - a - Friend Network (f - o - a – f).

4. Too many birthdays to remember

Trigger SMS : - A great utility that provides you with total peace of mind. You can set the sms today and it would be sent at any preset date and time. (Enabling scheduling of SMS messages for future).

5. Your 'Mobile' Secretary

Calendar Backup :- Total backup of your calendar entries is possible over Mjooz. You can now set calendar alerts over the phone itself. Mjooz syncs calendar entries and also allows easy retrieval anytime anywhere.

6. Chat on the Move

Mobile Chatting :- A unique feature that enables you to chat with your friends. You can search your friends and chat. It also enables you to send introductions.

7. Your popularity metric

Popularity Metric : - Know how many people have you as a contact, also what is your popularity rating.

8. SMS Freeeeeeeeee……

Free SMS :- An added incentive to Mjooz users are the free sms provided in the plan, you can send free SMS to any mobile phone from the web interface.

When you join:

You register your phone and synchronize it with Mjooz
You create a profile that features who you are
You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join Mjooz and connect to you.
Insure your data | Forever: If you ever lose, replace or damage your mobile phone – your data is secure with us
Retrieve: If your new phone is on our list you can retrieve all your contacts
You can also refer your friends and earn cash. (A Rs. 10 lakh model enumerated)

You can also earn points which could be redeemed as free SMS

Through your network you can:

Organize your phone Contacts, Calendar entries, text Messages and many other supported features
Share your contacts, calendar, messages with other Mjooz users
Control over the air
Keep track of your group members
Network: Find and be found | potential clients, service providers, subject experts, partners, great jobs, deals
Chat with contacts.

Mjooz is free to join. Mjooz is certified to meet the strict privacy guidelines. All relationships on Mjooz are mutually confirmed, and no one appears in the Mjooz Network without knowledge and explicit consent.

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