Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Manage your Cybercafe using CLINCK Cyber Cafe manager

CLINCK Desktop standardizes Cyber Cafe desktops across the country making the user experience better and simpler.
It hosts advertising inventory that is served and
tracked on all internet metrics.
With the USP’s of - 100% Accurate Geo-Targeting, a
*.* website reach and user interaction levels 4-5
times the industry standard, CLINCK has grown to be
one of the most efficient internet branding mediums.

Cyber Cafe brand CLINCK is spearheaded by the CLINCK Cyber Cafe Manager, an in-house Cafe Management and Security Application that caters to the 360* needs of managing a cyber cafe. It is also the only application that caters to the Security norms laid down by the Law enforcement agencies, for public internet access points.

CLINCK also offers the CLINCK Desktop, a desktop portal that is the default interface for all users in CLINCK enabled cafes. It is a key navigational interface providing ease of surfing, search, quick links, user preferred content and brand communication. It has grown into a well recognized advertising platform in India that delivers an average interaction performance 5 times the industry norm.

Following are the features with this software.Before using this software you need to do simple registration on

Once you are registered just login after confirmation of your email address. Then download the server and client software and refer user manual at

Customer Management:

Registered Customer
Walk-In Customer
All India Single Login
Session Timer for User

Print Manager

Printing Rate Plan
Auto Add to bill
Multiple Printers
Print Jobs per Terminal/Customer

Time based Rate Plans
Billing & Cash Register
Walk-In & Member Plan
Multiple Employee Logins
Other Products (CD, Mobile Recharge etc)


Daily Register
Billing - Collection Report
Customer Details & List Report
PC Usage Report


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