Sunday, December 13, 2009

WiMAX Enabled Laptops in India by January 2010

Micro Star International (MSI) has announced that it is ready with its WiMAX-enabled laptops and will be offering them into the Indian market starting January 2010. The entire range of MSI laptops including its U-series ultra-portable netbooks, the stylish X-slim series and the Classic series will incorporate WiMAX in the forthcoming models.

WiMAX being the newest generation of wireless communication, it is poised to become an ubiquitous application. The WiMAX Forum had predicted that the combined equipment and service revenues from WiMAX in India would be worth $13 billion in 2012 and capture 19 million WiMAX subscribers, or 20% of the world’s WiMAX user base.

The ultra-light, power-saving X-Slim Series X340 and X600 models from MSI are the first Taiwan-based brand to receive WiMAX Forum Certification. While MSI Wind U120 is the world’s first ultra-portable netbook capable of supporting WiMAX