Friday, December 18, 2009

India's Largest Mall on Mobile---ngpay.

What is ngpay?

ngpay is India's largest mall - located entirely on a user's mobile handset.

You can use ngpay to buy air & rail tickets, bank, pay your bills, buy movie tickets, shop for books & gifts, transfer funds, make payments and more from your mobile phone in a fast, simple and secure fashion. Its free and takes just minutes to download and register.

ngpay offers a range of services from its network of partners. In a simple, consolidated menu, you can discover and choose merchants, banks, or service providers with whom you want to transact.

ngpay will continue to tie up with more Partners to meet your everyday needs. For your convenience, the updated list of Partners will be always available to you on ngpay on your mobile phone. You are also encouraged to recommend a Partner from the "Contact Us" page of our website
Shop, Buy Tickets, Recharge, Pay Bills, Bank and more - easily and securely - from your mobile handset.

How safe is it?

ngpay transactions offer security levels similar to ATM transactions. Once you become a ngpay user, for your security you will need to enter your unique 6-digit PIN every time you make a payment transaction. This PIN number is NOT stored on your handset, so hacking your stolen handset will not put you at risk.

ngpay's Mobile Wallet is a tamper-proof digital wallet on your phone and it stores your Bank account/Credit card details in an encrypted form. Even if you lose your phone, unauthorized users cannot access ngpay or your payment/banking transactions without your unique ngpay PIN. What’s more, you can simply call ngpay Customer Care @ +91 80 67004000 or SMS to +91 99009 06677, to block ngpay on your phone.

ngpay respects your privacy. ngpay does not store your card / bank information on its servers, neither do we share your personal information with any third party - other than those ngpay Partners that you have selected to use. These Partners may contact you directly for service related issues.

If your mobile turns off or loses connection during a transaction due to either low battery charge or bad connectivity, rest assured that your credit card will not be debited. Charges are debited to your credit card only on the successful completion of a payment transaction.

For the technically - minded....

ngpay provides 128-bit end-to-end financial grade security from the user’s handset through to the application servers. It uses an innovative approach based on the concept of application layer security and has been independently certified for financial transactions by leading security firms and financial institutions.

How much does ngpay cost?

ngpay is FREE! There are no charges for the download, registration and use of ngpay.

ngpay works on most JAVA enabled phones (any phone priced over Rs.2000 will safely support ngpay). All you need to do is activate GPRS with your mobile operator.

Most operators offer a free GPRS plan with no monthly rentals... you only pay for what you use. Customers can complete a transaction by spending only a few paise in data usage charges. Call your mobile operator to know more.

With ngpay, you only pay for the price of the product or service as charged by the ngpay partner. For some services, ngpay might charge a small convenience fee, which would be clearly mentioned on the Confirm Payment screen.

Download ngpay - Once.

SMS “ngpay” to 56767 or enter your mobile number in the box on the right. You will receive a SMS from ngpay containing a link to download the application. Select the link and follow the instructions to download and install.

Register with ngpay - Once.

Register with ngpay by providing a few personal details - name, mobile no, address and a 6 digit ngpay PIN.


Select any partner from your "My Services" list. ngpay's menu-driven interface will walk you through the process step by step.

ngpay is absolutely safe and has certified financial grade security. You can pay using a variety of payment instruments. Currently your regular MasterCard / Visa credit cards, HDFC Bank Account, and ItzCash cards are supported. Very soon, you will be able to to use other bank accounts, cash cards, and debit cards. For your convenience and quicker check-out, you can store your payment details in our secure ngpay wallet.

Retrieve Transaction details.

Once completed, your transaction details get stored under "ngpay History" under the “My Profile” menu. You will also receive a SMS and email with details of your transaction