Tuesday, April 17, 2018

TRAI new portal for tariff for all Telecom Operator

TRAI has came with new portal http://trai.gov.in/tariff , for now, is in beta stage and displays all the regular tariffs, STVs (special tariff vouchers), promotional tariffs and value-added service plans. The motive to the portal is to display the tariff of all the operator on single portal

Currently , Trai will be collecting extensive feedback from the public, and in the future, the regulator will add all the circle plans in the portal, but it’s going to take a while. As of now only operators of DELHI circle is added .

 Trai has made this website in downloadable format where user can download the tariff in excel format This  would help the consumers do a comparative analysis.

The stakeholders and public should give Trai the feedback on the initiative within 15 days. The feedback could be of the look, feel and utility of the portal. Post the feedback, Trai will be add other circle’s tariff plans.