Sunday, July 16, 2017

Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE phone with Price Tag of Rs 1500/- as security deposit

Finally Reliance jio has come with yet another exiting offer form Indian people with mobile phone with price tag of 0 but user has to pay security deposite of  Rs 1500/- which is 4G VolTe supportive phone.In order to use this phone you need to have a JIO SIM card on SIM 1 slot which is mandatory.

Lets have have quick look on the specification for this feature phone . This Phone will be a bar phone.

1) Dual SIM cards- one would be a 4G SIM card, and the other one will be a 2G SIM card. with dual-processor of 1.2 GHz

2) Battery: 2000mAh battery
3) Music/video player, along with an FM Radio app and inbuilt Internt Browser facility

4) Band : LTE Cat 4 band with spectrum 850MHz, 1800MHz, and 2300MHz. And for the 2G network, the device will have network support in 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrums.

5) SD card Support upto 64 GB
6) RAM : 512 MB
7) Internal Memory : 4GB
8) 2.4 inch QVGA TFT display
9) WiFi with Tethering facility to create Hotspot

This is phone will be launch in Reliance Annual General Meeting on 21 July 2017