Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Xiaomi planing for Laptop under 30,000 with 16GB RAM : Chinese Apple Like Laptop

Xiaomi, a company that has changed the phone market in India with its unmatchable price and feature This company is now entering the laptop market.

According to a report at Gizmo China, Xiaomi is working on 15-inch laptop with top configuration and a slim design. The laptop, which has a design similar to that of Apple's MacBook Air, has powerful hardware. According to the leaked specifications, the machine is powered by Intel i7-4500U processor and 16GB RAM. It also sports a FullHD 15-inch display.

According to Gizmo China, the laptop will be sold for around $480 (around Rs 30,000).

According to reports, Xiaomi may not use Windows on this laptop. Instead it may use its own custom operating systems -- likely based on some variant of Linux -- on the laptop.

This is again somewhat similar to the approach taken by Xiaomi in the phone market. instead of using pure Android, Xiaomi uses a customised version of MiUI, which is based on Android, to power its phones