Saturday, October 5, 2013

Control your Multimedia Apps using Google Flutter

Have you ever came across in Ved puran/Ramayana  that God or Godess use their gesture to do things.At that time I was thinking this is God power..LOL.. But Technology has made things to do like God or Godess :) A simple Desktop & browser apps allows users to navigate their devices through gestures that are recognised via the device's webcam.
The apps named as FLUTTER apps. Few days back this company is acquired by Google.The company has put up a landing page http:// confirming the acquisition and has promised that Flutter users will be able to continue to use the app

The main objective of this apps is to control multimedia application via human gesture.Suppose your are using VLC player and you want to Stop or Pause the player then you can use this . This apps also helps to paly backward and foraward track.If you are using for webbased application like YouTube then you need Google Chrome Extension. After installation of Google Chrom Extension it will install a Desktop application which will help you to control the setting.The app works very well, and hand gesture detection is near-instant. It works with iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, VLC, Keynote, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and, with a Chrome extension, Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, and Grooveshark.