Saturday, June 11, 2011

Get Indian Railways Ticket by as MMS from JULY 2011

Rail ticket booking counter to take hours to stand in line will soon be a thing of the past era. E - After railway ticket booking tickets from the mobile facility is going to start. The service is expected to start from July2011. Rail Yatri sitting at home will be able to book train tickets from your Smart mobile.
Is certain that the railway passenger via MMS from mobile to send images of train tickets. Image on the screen of mobile tickets will be valid only for travel, tickets will not need to take print. But during the journey will take passengers along with ID proof. Rail Ministry officials to mobile ticket booking IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism) will have to register on the website. Department from an ID and password will be issued. Thereafter Yatri IRCTC's website on your mobile will be able to book advance tickets. Ticket booking on mobile screen - icon A form going to be filled online. The name, address, train number, class reservations, tour dates, etc. The required information will have mobile number. This feature has to be smart mobile which is the Internet. Smart mobile holder will be able to book tickets for their relatives. Passenger debit, credit or cash card will pay the ticket. Mobile ticketing on trains in addition to the root of the mobile screen, hire, berth availability etc. The information will also be available. Mobile Ticketing to the leading nationalized banks of the railway has been compromised. Officials of the payment process technology is being plugged.

1. IRCTC daily selling 2.80 million E - Ticket
2. Tickets Briqui 2.80 million revenue is derived from the daily  
3. 13.60 million in 2010-11 to 800 million more than ticket sales revenue received  
4. Website for instant tickets daily average of 2.5 to 3 million hits
5. During festivals the number of hits on the website reaches four million
 6. Kanuataroan booking railway tickets on the day sale of over three million