Friday, January 21, 2011

Emergency Boot your PC using MS-DOS using USB drives

Today I am going to explain important process to boot your computer with MS-DOS using USB drive
Before I am going to explain the process Download Win98 boot disk from here 
Next you need to download HP USB Format tool from here

Follow these steps below:
Extract window98 boot disk to a folder
Run HP Formatting tool select FAT32 next check the Create DOS start up disk using file located at: Provide the folder location which you have extracted
Press Start ,Once process gets completes you MS-DOS bootable disk is ready
Copy entire Win98 folder into root of pen drive expect 3 files (MSDOS.sys,IO.sys,

Now Copy the Winodows XP CD into a folder on to USB drive
Now its time to test your CD ,goto BIOS change first boot menu sequence as USB device
Insert the USB ,your computer will get a prompt like A:\
Now your computer has started into MS-DOS
You can run most of DOS command over here
Type Command Cd \i386
Once you have got into A:\XPfoldername\i386 then type WINNT and press enter you will get option to install windows.