Friday, December 24, 2010

Futuristic concept mouse by Indian : Touch ScreenMouse

With advanced technology, PCs are giving way to laptops and laptops are making space for tablets. The humble mouse is also constantly evolving in its form and design. And the latest idea to stuck innovators is that of touch controls in the mouse.
As the touch controls are gaining popularity, a concept design is presented, titled Mouse for Men, which if realised into reality will change the way we use the mouse.

Conceptualised by Indian designer Nitin Mane, the concept mouse has touch controls, flexible touchscreen and pressure sensitive controls to boot. The touchscreen has an OLED display and the design is inspired by an original mouse. The concept device has a separable tail that eases the usability.

The interface of the mouse has displays the status, and the buttons and menus can be customized as per the need or preference of the users. The mouse also has emergency charging feature at the end of normal battery life.
The Mouse for Men was designed by Nitin Mane as part of the LG Cube Competition 2010. Mane is a student of animation and graphics.