Friday, November 5, 2010

Create Surveys Online For Free With SurveyMonkey


Among all online survey tools, SurveyMonkey is one of the best, and allow you to create surveys online easily for free.
Before creating online surveys with SurveyMonkey, there are some advantages and shortcomings you should know.


I. The advantages of SurveyMonkey

There are main three advantages of SurveyMonkey:
1. It is easy for you to design surveys
To design a survey, you can just select your theme and add your questions. There are many survey types for your choice, such as multiple choice, single text box, rating scale, and so on.
If you have many questions and want to separate them, you can divide them into different pages, as you can see from the above survey.
2. There are many ways for you to collect responses
When the survey is ready, there are three ways for you to distribute them and collect responses:

  • You can create a link, and then send it via email, or place it on a webpage,
  • You can embed your survey on your website,
  • You can share your survey on Facebook.
You can use all the above ways to get more responses.
3. You can view the responses on one page
On the Analyze Results page, you can view the survey responses.

II. The shortcomings of SurveyMonkey

Although SurveyMonkey is powerful with the above advantages, it also has some shortcomings for free users.
1. There is SurveyMonkey brand in the survey
As you can see from the above survey, there are SurveyMonkey links, logo and text, which is not good for a professional survey, but it is OK for a non-profile purpose and personal use.
2. There is a boring reminder
Every time you visit the SurveyMonkey website, there will be a message on the top that suggests you to upgrade. To overcome the above two shortcomings, you can upgrade your account.
What do you think of the above survey? And please don’t forget to help answer the questions in the survey if you are a female reader. :-)
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