Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mumbai City Bus (BEST) Route Guide on Mobile Phone – Mobile 4 Mumbai (

Mobile 4 Mumbai, Mumbai based Mobile software development group, has announced the launch of Mumbai City bus guide on mobile phone.

Mobile 4 Mumbai ( will help all mumbaikar to download and have this Java application on mobile phone. This application does not require GPRS or SMS, but works on any Java enabled phone. It is very easy to search bus route information on mobile application than carrying booklet or ask the persons.

This application can be downloaded ans installed within a minutes from Since the mobile application does not require GPRS or SMS, you don’t need to send SMS and spend a paisa. No internet connection (GPRS) is required for operating this application. It is encouraged to share the application via Bluetooth to your friends and co-passengers!

The application claims to be user friendly, you can search your bus route information within 10 key presses, in less than 10 seconds. The Java application boasts to be better than the BEST bus route maps, it contains almost all names of even the not-so-famous bus stops which are not available even on BEST official website.

As per the statement on official website of Mobile 4 Mumbai, Daily more than 42 lakh people are travelilng using BEST buses. Mobile 4 Mumbai have also announced “Contribute and Get Famous” initiative to attract people to contribute to Mumbai Bus Route information which they may miss in the current version. Top-3 person who will provide maximum information will get their name on the next app version as credit.

It is indeed a great effort. It would be great if the Mobile 4 Mumbai team can release the project as open source and make it more developer friendly to make this available for other Indian cities as well! [via]


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