Saturday, September 26, 2009

View and Share Documents Online(no Software required)

View and Share Documents Online
Get rid of attachments. Just upload your document, grab the URL and share it with your friends or post it in blogs / forums. No sign up required

if you want to send a file to a friend by attachement just sent using this link . HE will not require any software to view.

Follwing are the list of file you can view:
The following file formats are supported by Zoho Viewer.

Microsoft Office Formats

doc / docx - Microsoft Word Document
xls / xlsx - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
ppt / pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint
pps - PowerPoint Slideshow
OpenDocument Formats

odt - OpenDocument Text

ods - OpenDocument Spreadsheet
odp - OpenDocument Presentation
OpenOffice Formats

sxw - Writer Document
sxc - Calc Spreadsheet
sxi - Impress Presentation
More Rich Text Formats

pdf - Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF viewer is in experimental stage)
rtf - Rich Text Format
html - Hyper Text Markup Language
txt - Plain Text Document
More Spreadsheet Formats:

csv - Comma Separated Values

Similarly we can use GOOGLE DOC to view ,share Upload file

Google currently supports PPT and PDF only while Zoho supports all common Office / OpenDocument formats include XML based Office 2007 files.

When you open a document through Zoho Viewer, a copy of that file is stored on Zoho’s servers while in the case of Google Docs viewer, it makes a download request each time someone wants to view your document in the browser.

The downside is that Zoho Viewer isn’t mobile friendly and, unlike Google Docs viewer, one has to to upload a document into Zoho Viewer before reading – you can’t create direct links