Sunday, August 23, 2009

Start Searching right form your MESSENGER (YAHOO,GTALK,MSN)

Sbot supports Google, Bing, Yahoo! & Twitter search right now. Just add Sbot as your buddy on Gtalk/Y! Messenger/Live Messenger & start using it!!

Google Talk –
Yahoo Messenger –
MSN Live Messenger -

Once Sbot is added to your IM Buddy list, just start conversing with it. To start with send “help” & bot responds with usage instructions.

* To perform Google search send gsearch term
* To perform Bing search send bsearch term
* To perform Yahoo search send ysearch term
* To perform Twitter search send tsearch term

If you want to use google search engine then type "g type here item to be search" you will get search result in chat window

I use Sbot more when I’m at work since I don’t like to open too many tabs in the browser at work. One more really good usage of Sbot is Twitter Search! Whenever I’m busy, I use sbot to check my replies by just sending a message “g Bill gates”, simple!!

I am open for suggestions to add more search engines & features to sbot, please drop them in comments section.