Sunday, December 21, 2008

Process to Free Transfer Money using SBI ATM card number

Process to Transfer Money using SBI ATM card number. This is the easiset way to tranfer money using ATM machine without any Transaction fee

if you will goto BANK and then deposit the ammount using A/C no. of non HOME Branch then you will be charged minimum charge of Rs.25 per Transaction, now I am going to tell you how to transfer money from SBI branch of one city to another using your ATM card.

1) Swip the SBI Debit card
2) Select TRANSFER
3) Select CARD to CARD Tranfer(Last Option)
4) Enter the card no. to which you have to pay
5) Re-enter the card no. for confirmation.
6) Enter the ammount want to enter(you can tranfer any ammount even in Paisa)
7) Just confirm the Transaction
8) that all