Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Google started Hindi Voice Search to Promote Indian Language content on Web

Google one again taken a long leap toward helping people to search in Indian language .currently offers voice search in English But Now  it has also added Hindi language service. Further to enhance it plans to other Indian languages like Tamil, Marathi and Bengali.As of now Google was able to understand Hinglish but now it will search the content in Devanagari script.

How to use Voice Search on Android and on Desktop

To use Hindi voice-search you have to go to Google Settings on your Android phone, select Search and Now > Voice > Language and select Hindi (Bharat). For Desktop user Using Chrom Browser you need to Select the Language as Hindi once you have selected ensure the भारत is displayed below Google Image. Now Click on Mic Icon on Search Text box that is displayed on extreme right side.After clicking it will prompt to speak. Start Speaking in Hindi the search query script will be Devanagari  and all Result will be mostly from Hindi Content.

In another effort Google has started Showcasing Indian langauge content using a new website'www.hindiweb.com' to help Hindi-speaking Internet users to get Hindi content across Internet.Currently this website is having various newspaper,blogs of different categories links.
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Book Train Ticket without IRCTC registration on Phone Via IVRS on 139

In view of improving service railway has introduce a new method of booking ticket using IVRS . here customer need not to have techi friendly neither he needs any IRCTC registration or username.
But this service will not available between  8am -12pm and 11:30pm to 12:30am .This service will be assisted by dedicated customer care agent

The customer can book rail tickets on a Call using the Credit/ Debit Card. The process of booking is as follows
1) The customer calls our 24*7 helpline number-139
2) IVR offers various service options
3) Customer presses menu button 5 on the phone
4) The call is directed towards an agent
5) The agent retrieves the passenger and journey details information.
6) Post details confirmation, the agent transfers the call to PCIDSS certified IVR wherein the
 customer punches in the Credit/ Debit Card number, CVV Number, Expiry Date and OTP.
On successful transaction, the agent confirms the booked ticket information to the customer.
Ticket is delivered on customer's E-mail ID.
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Google New Product: Online Video Doctor Consult : Google Helpouts

Google's "Helpouts" product — a service where people can search for doctors /experts to talk to them over video This will help people who are searching tremeant of disies /symptomes of disease using video-chat with a doctor. The company is working with medical groups including Scripps and One Medical, which are "making their doctors available and have verified their credentials,"
According to Google Health care has become one of Google's biggest side projects.

Telemedicine is an old concept. Doctors have been using the telephone since the telephone was invented. And they have been sharing X-ray images and using videoconferencing for at least 40 years. but Now Google has taken one step ahead to have Video Conferce Help out
You can visit https://helpouts.google.com/ and learn more
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Monday, October 13, 2014

IRCTC Andriod apps Launched : IRCTC connect

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC),  has finally released the official Android application in Google Play named as IRCTC Connect, the app is free to use

This apps  will be able to search and book Indian rail tickets, check out their existing reservations or cancel them, and get upcoming journey alerts in the IRCTC Connect application.

The app uses the existing IRCTC website login credentials to work and also allows the users to create new account directly within the app.
 IRCTC applications will not work between 8AM and 12 noon every day. During their period, the passwngers can only get their bookings done via the IRCTC website or physical booking counters

IRCTC Connect app  is supported by Android versions: Android 4.1 and above
Download size: 12MB
Download Link: Google Play
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Windows 9 disguise as Windows 10

Finally the D day has come and microsoft has skipped windows 9 and made Windows 10 as it new OS.
Today in san fransico microsoft has unreviel the new OS .

New OS is having old start menu which was point of critism from windows 8.

Preview download is also avalilable for download

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Microsoft Windows 9 Image Leaked : Ready to launch by September 30

Before unveiling of Windows 9 a week ahead, few website has published several screenshots from a computer running Microsoft's latest operating system.

According to Microsoft  Preview of the new OS, which will be available as a free download to developers and user by September 30.

The leaked screenshots show that Windows 9 will have a functional Start menu. This time Microsoft has recalled the Start menu.

The Start menu, which was part of Windows since 1995, was removed by Microsoft in Windows 8, an operating system built keeping tablets in focus. The company faced a lot of criticism from traditional PC users over the change.  Microsoft brought back the Start button in Windows 8.1. Earlier

Few More Feature of Windows 9

Modern UI apps on desktop:  In Windows 9 Microsoft will allow users to run Modern UI apps in the desktop mode. In the desktop mode, these apps will also have re-sizable windows just like the normal applications. Currently, the Modern UI apps run in windows that can be re sized only horizontally. Vertical, they use the full screen. Cureently in Windows 8.1 user has basically two environment one of Apps and other of Desktop which is very much confusing.

Notification Center: Windows 9 is likely to have a notification center, similar to one found in tablets and smartphones. It will be accessible from the quick settings on the bottom right of the screen.

Virtual desktops: It looks like users will be able to create multiple "desktops" in Windows 9. This means, they will be able to set up a "desktop" for work, a "desktop" for home, a "desktop" for entertainment, and switch between these desktops like they switch between applications, without having to log out or restart the computer.
In Nutshell it seems Microsoft is going to focus more on the functionality in Windows 9 from user prospective and user friendly. Let us know your view in comments.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Understand the Mobile data Speed : 2G ,G,H,E,3G and so on....

Have you ever noticed a ICON on Top of your mobile phone when you are browsing internet over smartphone or any feature phone that has internet connectivity. Based on your phone specification you have various symbol like G ,2G,3G ,H etc. Now let understand what this symbol actually means

ICON Standard Full Form Max Download Speed ( Theoretical Limit Only)  Max Upload Speed(Theoretical Limit Only)
2G GSM Global System for mobile Communication 14.4Kbits/s 14.4Kbits/s
G GPRS Genral Packet Radio Service 53.6 Kbits/s 26.8 Kbits/s
E EDGE Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution 217.6 Kbits/s 108.8 kbits/s
3G UTMS Univeral Mobile Telecommunication System 384 Kbits/s 128 Kbits/s
H HSPA High-Speed Packet Access 7.2 Mbits/s 3.6Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 6 14.4 Mbits/s 5.76 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 7  21.1 Mbits/s or 28.0Mbit/s 11.5 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 8  42.2 Mbits/s 11.5 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 9 84.4 Mbits/s 11.5 Mbits/s
H+ HSPA+ Evolved High Speed Packet Access Release 10 168.8 Mbits/s 23.0 Mbits/s
4G LTE Long Term Evolution 100 Mbits/s 50 Mbits/s
4G LTE-A Long Term Evolution- Advanced 1Gbits/s 500 Mbits/s

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